EPC Sweden Group company seeks to provide the local market with the latest and the finest building, construction and finishes materials, sanitary ware and complementary in addition to the paints. The company is building an integrated internal working environment to increase the loyalty of employees of the company, in order to achieve the highest satisfaction rates in the public interest in the context of the continuity of the development of relationships with manufacturers and leading suppliers. Also, we emphasis on providing the best services to customers using the latest tools and equipment and advanced management techniques. We are working on formation of a large base of consumers to make EPC Group one of the companies that have the advantage to the customer, with our commitment to speed and credibility.

EPC Sweden Group means trust and confidence in every aspect of our activity. We owe it to well suited team players, rich experience and organization in many parts of the world.
Those advantages make us a unique member of developing business environment.

  • We pay extreme attention to each detail of taken project, knowing specific demands of our clients’ needs, and treating each challenge as a platform for long term co-operation.
  • We are open for new ideas and new ways of mutual benefit
  • We are prepared for the most demanding request, doing business with professionalism, joy and passion.

Our Vision:

Work to ensure that the client is satisfied with what we offer to him of a product, marketing, and procedures for high-quality

Our Mission:

Provide the greatest types of building materials required and new high quality at competitive prices, and serves all types of customers in order to achieve the highest consumer satisfaction

Our Strategy:

  • Application of the systems and business rules according to the laws and rules governing them.
  • Integrity, honesty and transparency to follow.
  • Commitment to the elements of fair competition (Price – Quality – Speed ​​- Flexibility)
  • Constant search for what is new in the world markets and supplied to customers in the local market