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EPC Sweden Group is proud to be one of the international companies providing high quality solar energy panels, supplying pre-fabricated ecological houses, water purification and distillation systems, construction electro-mechanic systems in Europe, Africa and Middle-East.
Our experience, exceptional structure and most up-to-date knowledge allows EPC Sweden Group to undertake the most challenging projects. Consistency and teamwork makes dreams come true. This is what we strive for. Excellence on the field. Our worldwide dynamic team brings partnership and co-operation on the highest level of performance.



EPC is a manufacturer of shower enclosures, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays and bathtub screens. The company, fitting…


Selection of the tiles depending on the type of promises. While selecting the ceramic tiles…


Best quality door frames and accessories!

Solar Panels

Manufacturing of high-quality crystalline solar modules.

Water Mixers

Mixers are the most widely used equipment out of all bathroom elements; however its role is not only providing water…


EPC Sweden Group focuses on long term, trusted partnerships. This is the core of our way of doing business worldwide. We have got rich experience in multicultural environment. That allows us to cooperate in Europe, Africa and Middle East. We have got an already made international structure, which makes us a reliable partner for complicated business matters. We offer our knowledge and consultancy to build strong bridges between us and our business partners, willing to work together for long time. Our strong position and marketing know-how make us a unique partner for Your business.

  • Many high-quality products

    EPC Company offers products for bathrooms, homes, energy, and much more…

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    Full range of shipping services by Air Freight, Sea Freight and International Courier.

  • Guarantee of quality

    All EPC products meet European standards.

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