Manufacturing of high-quality crystalline Solar Modules

Solar Panels:

  • Made in Sweden.
  • Optimized to produce more kWh per year then any other module.
  • The most automatized PV manufacturing site in Europe.
  • Employees with long experience in PV-module R&D and manufacturing.

Description of module:

  • Solar Modules are designed for various markets and applications. High quality production, combined with strictest process control, ensure maximum lifespan and the highest performance.
  • The robust construction is resistant to heavy wind and snow load.
  • Special low iron glass with an antireflection treated surface achieves up to 2 % higher measured output power, however the modules gives 5-8% higher energy yield performance in the field during scattered and low light conditions, especially in morning, evening and in the winter months.
  • High performance EVA, extremely stable cross-linking, will stay transparent and maintain the high energy yield over long period of time.
  • All joints soldered or welded in Junction Box, to prevent contact corrosion and arcing.


  • Aluminum frame, white backsheet.
  • Black frame, white backsheet
  • Black frame, black backsheet

All products can be manufactured with either poly or mono crystalline cells.

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