• Shipping is the process of transporting goods and merchandise from one destination to another by means of land, sea and air transport.
  • Domestic shipping is usually utilised for the movement of goods within a country which is generally done by rail or air. Transporting goods from one country to another often involves a combination of ground and air, or ground and sea transport methods.
  • International shipping offers a flexible solution for scenarios like this one.

International Shipping by Air, Road & Sea

EPC Sweden offer a full range of shipping services by Air Freight, Sea Freight and International Courier. Guaranteeing you the right solution to get your goods to destination on time, and in budget.

Cost-effective Sea Shipping Services

Sending goods via ground transport is often the most affordable solution. However, there may be problems due to poor road networks which could delay the delivery of your shipment. Sea shipping is a great, low-cost alternative to ground transport.

  • This service can be used for European and international shipments.
  • Due to the nature of sending freight by sea, longer transit times have to expected. This service lends itself to non-urgent shipments.

Quotations are available upon request. We are currently in the process of integrating these services with our online booking system.

Air Shipping Services – quick and efficient

Air shipping services carry freight or cargo from one airport to another. It is the quickest and most efficient method used to ship goods internationally.

  • Air freight services will usually cost you more than, for instance, sending your goods as sea freight.
  • Our discounted spot rates may become available if an airline has a free space in the hold prior to departure.
  • Take advantage of our monthly special offers for the cheapest air freight rates to select destinations.

These services are fully bookable online. Beyond that, all customs documentation can be created via our website.

Door-to-door shipping – Combining road and air

Door-to-door Shipping services, or parcel delivery services, operate from the shipper’s address and transport and deliver the goods to the consignee’s address.

This transport method combines road and air shipping offered by international couriers who specialise on this type of service.

We are shipping worldwide. To get more information please Contact with us.