Water Mixers

Mixers are the most widely used equipment out of all bathroom elements; however its role is not only providing water. It makes a leading design element, influencing the character of our bathroom. We may choose modern mixers to emphasize clear minimalism through classic mixers for traditional and stylish interiors. Our offer contains all these products – single and double handle mixers, thermostatic, one and multi hole thermostatic mixers; chrome, satin, gold platted as well as patinated.

Ergonomically and Design

The most important task set for persons responsible for designing, is combining the product attractive appearance, its application values and adjusting optimal production technology. We do our utmost not to omit any of these elements. Ergonomics and design are the features particularly important for our clients. Before deciding on implementing mixers into the manufacturing process, we make prototypes thoroughly tested. The analysis considers the appearance attractiveness and operation comfort. Due to this, we can offer our clients such solutions as pull-out and rotary spouts, jointed and sliding handles, individual shower height regulation.

  • Our products have many test and certifications to guarantee them as one of the best products in Europe.

  • Our products are 100% made in Europe and they has very long term of guarantee even up to 100 years.

We offer a wide range of water mixers for different purposes. Below are the types of water mixers from our offer. We invite you to download our catalogs are rich in products of the highest quality.


Universal spanner!

Every mixer of the Premium Class series is delivered with a special plastic spanner enabling safe removal of the aerating unit (preventing the risk of scratching


The KLIK-KLAK drain can be opened or closed by a simple press. It is a particularly interesting choice if the plug cannot be controlled by means of a tension member. It is perfectly suitable for wall-type hand basin mixers.

Tension member

The tension member closes and opens the plug without touching it. All mixers with tension members are provided with automatic plugs.

Ceramic water flow regulators with temperature control

Ceramic water flow regulators with temperature control are a modern way of ensuring reliable operation and economy of mixer use. Obtaining water of a desired temperature is necessary for both bathtubs and shower mixers (avoiding too hot baths / shower) as well as for hand basin or kitchen sink mixers (to prevent small children or elderly people from getting scalded). Setting the appropriate water temperature is achieved using a special (red) regulating ring located in the regulator frame.

Touch free mixers

Touch free mixers are fitted with an automatic valve with a hands position sensor to turn the water flow on by simply placing your hands under the mixer outlet. It helps limit water consumption for mixers installed in public places. For hygienic reasons, these mixers are also perfect for hospitals. They also prove useful in case of problems with children leaving the water on (e.g. in kindergartens).

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